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Born to Whiskey Creek  &  Courage, Dear Heart  April 24, 2023

Whiskey Creek's
Single Barrel Select
~ Sweet  Baby Rye ~

Our Sweet Baby Rye is a very special puppy with a temperament extremely well suited for a therapy environment. She is calm, willing to please and already so intuitive! Rye is tuned into human emotion and has exhibited that very special connection that we love to see in our puppies. We are holding her aside for the situation, owner or family that needs and deserves this very precious and special girl! If this is you please complete our Puppy Application!

Five weeks old
Sweet Baby Rye 5 weeks old
Four weeks old
Sweet Baby Rye 4 weeks old
Three weeks old
Sweet Baby Rye  3 weeks old
Two weeks old
Sweet Baby Rye 2 weeks old
One week old
Whiskey Creek & Sweet Rye

Announcing the arrival of Sweet  Baby Rye! Our beautiful Whiskey Creek has blessed us with a precious silky black daughter and we couldn't be more thrilled! Welcome to life little Rye!

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