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History & Breed Standard
Juniper Ridge Foundation Multi Gen Australian Labradoodles


The  AUSTRALIAN LABRADOODLE  (ALD) began in Australia almost 50 years ago by the collaboration of two research and breeding facilities; Tegan Park and Rutland Manor.  The breed was created by request to develop an intelligent, friendly, service dog breed  for owners and their families with allergies to dogs. Several purebred lines were used in the development of this breed; the Labrador Retriever, German Poodle, English and American Cocker Spaniels, Portuguese Water Dog and Curly Coated Retriever. (Note - the Australian Shepard - which actually originated from New Zealand- is not a part of the ALD; there are no herding dogs in the pedigree).  The Australian Labradoodle is recognized as a specific breed by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) which judges hip, elbow and patella testing along with eye disease certifications for AKC breeds and the ALD, and by world wide genetics testing labs.

The ALD is now a multi generational breed -  we have been breeding Australian Labradoodles to Australian Labradoodles for many generations. This produces consistency. The ALD is a non-shedding, odorless and allergy friendly dog with high intelligence, graceful athleticism, rare intuition and easy trainability. These qualities packaged with a happy nature and silly delight in making people laugh make these dogs absolutely wonderful companions and ideal family pets. The ALD can also be found, as originally intended, working in guide, service, medical alert, post traumatic syndrome disorder recovery, mental health therapy, child advocacy, special education classroom and convalescent care jobs.  They are as wonderful in public situations as they are in family life.  They are allergy friendly and people focused companions!  Follow this link for information provided by the ALAA on service dogs. 

We have personally found the Australian Labradoodle to be the best of all worlds. They are happy, healthy, intelligent, people and animal loving, athletic yet calm, suited for both urban and country living. The perfect companion for walking, hiking, playing at the dog park, under your desk at work, assisting you through life, running, cycling, paddle boarding, chatting at the local cafe' or snuggling on the sofa!

As the desirable traits of the Australian Labradoodle have become known its popularity has grown rapidly. Many "Doodle" off shoots have been started -mixing poodles with various breeds, based on colors or looks,  and unfortunately without the careful genetic research, genetic testing, verifiable DNA registry and generations of selective breeding; puppies are produced with genetic disease, hip, eye, and cancer prone genetic difficulties, as well as temperament issues. We strongly advise all potential puppy buyers to do diligent research. The true Australian Labradoodle is the forward continuation of  careful planning, testing and many generations of selective breeding with complex genetic and OFA health tested parents with DNA traceable heritage.​

The Australian Labradoodle Association of America (ALAA) was created in 2004 to protect and preserve the welfare of this breed and the Worldwide Australian Labradoodle Association (WALA) began in 2018 to promote education to potential pet owners and to connect breeders around the globe. Juniper Ridge is a breeding member at the highest level of the ALAA and supports the members of the WALA as well. We adhere to and support the extensive Health Testing and Code of Ethics of both these organizations. Our dogs (and their lines) are DNA registered and have full disease panel testing through PawPrint Genetics, OFA CAER eye testing and OFA hip, elbows and patella testing. Juniper Ridge participates in full disclosure for genetic research of any and all tests to aid in the betterment of the Australian Labradoodle breed

Caring and committed breeders of the Australian Labradoodle are in alliance to keep the ALD from becoming an AKC breed. The reasoning behind this is to keep the ALD from becoming a "show dog" and closing the stud books. Once a breed is "AKC recognized" genetic problems can begin to happen. The pool of breeding lines closes at that point and inbreeding occurs to create the right "look."  The purpose of the ALD is temperament based, they are intelligent, people focused, (yes sometimes stubborn, goofy and downright hilarious) and we as breeders are working towards a common standard of conformation as outlined by the ALAA and WALA.  At this time conscientious breeders are concentrated on maintaining a very low COI (Coefficiency  of Inbreeding) with completely health tested dogs .  The ALAA and WALA allow for line correction as needed by reintroducing Labrador Retrievers, Poodles and Cocker Spaniels, several generations apart, cushioned by multigenerational ALDs. Click here to read the ALAA's and WALA's stance on the proposal to make The Australian Labradoodle a US only recognized AKC breed. 

At Juniper Ridge we are focused on continuing forward and contributing to pure, genetically and OFA physically tested, DNA verifiable, low COI lines; based on fabulous temperaments alongside  excellent functional and beautiful conformation, and gorgeous, allergy friendly coats . We are enjoying the journey and proud to be a part of the continuing development of this truly wonderful breed. 


The ALAA  website provides the most thorough  information regarding regarding the Australian Labradoodle breed standard (conformation and sizing), coat types and colors/patterns. Please click on the link below to be directed to their site: 

ALAA - Breed Standard  
ALAA - Breed Colors
Labradoodle Sizing
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