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(This is why we do what we do...)

Such a wonderful addition to our family! You picked the perfect pup for us! He’s amazing! He’s changed our lives…You were absolutely right, he loves to be loved…Remember, this is our 1st puppy, we were not dog people. Well you and Bailey converted our family. He’s so loving and caring…thank you again    D. Taylor   Sacramento, CA

Silkie (we have decided to name her Poppy Seed) is doing great! She is batting 1000 on outside trips to the bathroom and is sleeping in the crate really well…We are totally in love with her and we really appreciate all the work that you put into raising her!  Josh   San Francisco


Shannon, I can’t thank you enough for all your effort and care; from your high quality breeding dogs, extensively researched breeding pairs and intentional raising of the puppies. It all shows in your beautiful puppies! The puppy you chose for us is absolutely perfect for our family and we could not be happier! Thank you again from the bottom of our hearts.  Vivian  

Ft Lauderdale, FL 

Thank you again. He is an amazing puppy and we are beyond thrilled.   Andrew  Seattle, WA

Jackie sure loves people . We go to puppy class and she goes and says "Hi!" to everyone instead of playing with her friends. 

Her coat is ideal for the pool, "Wash 'n  Wear". 

She is 21 lbs of pure joy. Just this week in one day she did all of her puppy class homework.  Very mellow, very huggable.  She is a world class hugger.  She has great 'teachers' in her big sisters, especially Maggie who is 1 year older.  Jackie watches everything her sisters do and before long she's trying it out herself.

RoseMarie  Texas

I can’t tell you enough how happy we were to get Tango from Juniper Ridge! He had a great start!  Adria  Chico, CA

Hi Shannon, I just wanted to send a quick update: Rufus (Bow Tie) is doing really well! He had his first vet visit today and is already over 13 lbs. Thank you again! He is an amazing puppy and we are beyond thrilled. He is deeply loved. Hope you are enjoying your vacation!  Andrew  Seattle, WA

 We appreciate Shannon's thoughtfulness, consistent communication, and constant willingness to provide helpful information. She raises some beautiful puppies! Thank you, Shannon, for all your hard work!

Nichole  Seattle,WA

IMG_9520(Edited) 2.jpg

Hi Shannon, Just wanted to give you an update on Kona. She is doing amazing! So full of life, energy and super crazy smart. I taught her to sit and shake her first three days here. We are now learning how to "lay down, "leave it, "drop it" and"stay". She needs more work on those. lol! Kona is giving and receiving a ton of love...we got her a kiddie pool and she runs and jumps in and has a ball! Plays soccer with the boys, well, mainly waits till one of them sits on the ground, then runs up and pounces on them :) We are very happy and so lucky to have such a wonderful companion! Perfect choice for us! Thank you!!!!!  Janet         Sisters, OR

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