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Australian Labradoodle
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Juniper Ridge is a specialty breeding program of multigenerational Australian Labradoodles; a non-shedding, allergy friendly, healthy, happy and intelligent breed of dogs. As a contributing breeder to the development and standard of this breed we are continuously, carefully, and selectively choosing our foundation dogs and breeding pairs.  Our dogs are DNA registered, thoroughly tested to the highest standards available and trace back to the two original breeding and research kennels in Australia; Tegan Park and Rutland Manor. 

Juniper Ridge began in Central Oregon in the town of Sisters, just at the base of the three Sisters Mountains. It grew from our love of the Australian Labradoodle and the joy we have personally experienced from these wonderful, intelligent companions.   

As the word about our puppies has spread we have had the pleasure of meeting people from all over the world who come to bring a Juniper Ridge puppy home. It's exciting to witness the happiness they bring as we follow their stories and receive updates from their families!


We love these dogs! Although raising puppies is hard work, it is a labor of love. Many of our puppies have blossomed into important roles of assisting their owners in Service and Guide work, along with changing lives as mental health therapy partners. Some of our puppies are saving lives in avalanche recovery work while others bring comfort to children with special needs in the classroom or at home. The updates we receive fill our hearts! We love running into Juniper Ridge puppies enjoying life with their families in local parks, on the hiking trails, at the lakes or playing in the snow at the ski mountains, along the sidelines of soccer fields or hanging out at food truck parks and cafe's;  enhancing  lives and sending future happy puppy owners our way! Our hearts are filled with gratitude for the families who trust us to raise their precious puppies and we love to see the joy our Beautiful, Happy & Healthy puppies bring to those around them!


Juniper Ridge breeding dogs are of the highest quality possible. First they must have a truly wonderful temperament, which is of the utmost importance to us. They must pass stringent DNA testing for a full panel of genetic diseases, clinical cardiac testing and OFA eye, hip, elbow and patella testing. (All of our testing results are posted and available for viewing at PawPrint Genetics and OFA). Beyond all this they must also be conformationally correct, stunningly beautiful, joyful, and possess the unique human connection ability that belongs to the Australian Labradoodle.

We do not operate a kennel. Our breeding dogs live with loving Guardian Families (which are their forever families) and enjoy a normal, healthy life . We oversee their care and they come to Juniper Ridge for breeding and when it is time to birth and raise their puppies. We provide photos and bios on all of our dogs, and many of their families post their stories on social media #juniperridgedoodles and #juniperridgepuppyfamilies

Paw Print Genetics


All of our puppies are independently tested using the  VOLHARD'S APTITUDE TEST at 49 days old for temperament, traits, personality and uniqueness. We use this information along with our observations and daily experience with the puppies to match them with their forever families. The information our expectant puppy families provide us with is invaluable to this process and we work closely with them. Allocation day is such an exciting day ~ we love sharing the news about their new puppy with our expectant families!


Our puppies are hand raised; they are born and live in our home until the day they come to yours. We know our puppies will live in many different situations and environments and we want them to be confident and comfortable. That is why we introduce our puppies to all kinds of daily life activities; noises, sights, sounds and smells and we spend hours each day playing with, socializing and preparing our puppies for the lives they will live in their forever homes. 

We use ENS-EARLY NEUROLOGICAL STIMULATION , also known as Bio Stimulation, to start our puppies off right and we are proud to be affiliated with PUPPY CULTURE, a healthy and hands on way to raising puppies. All of our litters are raised using their guidelines and expertise, giving our puppies a wonderful head start in life and setting them up to fully thrive in life.

Puppy Culture


Juniper Ridge GOLDEN PAW 2024


We have partnered with BAXTER & Bella's online puppy/dog training program to offer our puppy families the best in training!  We are very pleased, and 100% on board, with their training techniques, well organized plans, live training sessions and lifetime of support.  See our Puppy Training page for more information.  Through our partnership we are able to offer our families a 25% discount off of their Lifetime Membership by using code JUNIPERRIDGE at check out. 



Puppy Culture

Puppy Culture

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