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Puppies need to be fed 3 times a day until they are at least 6 months old, then twice a day. 

Puppies need access to water at all times during the day, a no-tip bowl is recommended. Restrict water intake in the late evening to help with night time crate training.

Puppies need  a consistent schedule to develop both mentally and physically."Sleep, go potty, eat, go potty, play, go potty , sleep...".  See our printable schedule for 8 week old puppies, and read our Setting Up for Success page

This starts on day one and is the very beginning of building communication between you and your puppy! We highly recommend BAXTER & Bella's training program. See our Training page for more information.

Puppies are not covered by their vaccinations until 2 weeks following their last vaccination (which is usually at 16 weeks old). Avoid dog parks, vet office floors, puppy potty stops, etc. Find creative one on one socialization until then. ALWAYS remove collars in crates and pens. Pups under 4 months should not wear collars except during leash training.

Puppies need lots of short, supervised play time to burn off energy and to connect with their people and other animals.

They also require naps in-between play time. A played with and tired puppy makes for a happy family!


We spend a lot of time and effort to give Juniper Ridge puppies a great start with crate conditioning. Crates provide a safe place to keep your puppy while you run errands, his "own place" to retreat to when tired and crate training also helps with potty training your puppy. ALWAYS remove your puppy's collar when in a crate or a pen, as they can catch in the wire slots.


Your puppy needs to be familiar and comfortable with all the grooming tools that will be used when his hair is longer and requires more care. Several times a week use a soft brush on his coat. As the coat grows use a pin brush and a comb twice a week. See our supply list and grooming info page. 

A complete grooming video can be viewed on the ALAA website at


Brush all mats in your puppy's coat out first. Then use a mild conditioning puppy shampoo, we recommend MinkSheen. Be sure to rinse thoroughly. Bathe at least once a month, or as needed. Towel dry and brush again. A tiny amount of Argon oil or Cowboy Magic applied by hand makes coats so soft and shiny.


Trim your puppy's nails once a week for the first month, then every other week after that. If you keep them short the quick will stay short and the nails will continue to be easy to maintain. We recommend nail trimmers with a "stopper"to help avoid trimming too short.


Check your puppy's ears weekly and use an ear cleaner as needed. (We recommend Liquid Health K-9 Ear Solutions Ear Cleaner)  High humidity areas may require using a drying powder.


Your puppy will be teething for a while. Provide lots of safe chewing options and spray all non-options with Bitter Apple, remember prevention is the key to happiness - (and nice shoes):) 

To help keep teeth clean continue to provide chew toys- no rawhide(especially after the adult teeth come in, at around 5 months.) Brush your puppy's teeth with a doggie toothbrush once a week.

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