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Juniper Ridge's
Red Australian Labradoodle JuniperRidgeAustralianLabradoodles.com



Sire: Alpenridge's Hanzel

Dam: Starlight Ridge's Apple of My Eye

18  inches/ 40 lbs/ Medium/ BBee/ata/KbKb/ dark red/ Non-shedding Silky, Wavy Fleece

Health Clearances: OFA Prelim Good, Elbows, Patella, Cardiac normal, CAER normal, Full PPG Genetics disease panel clear,IC, EIC, prcd-PRA CBP, vWD clear

Red Australian Labradoodle JuniperRidgeAustralianLabradoodles.com
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Braeburn is a stocky, blocky hunk of a teddy bear with a gorgeous silky, wavy, thick deep red coat.  This mellow boy has a "best buds" kind of attitude and is the perfect side kick for life. His eyes seem to say "let's go friend, I'm with you all the way!"  Braeburn has that special something that makes you remember him, like your favorite childhood friend. What this world needs today is more Braeburns! 

Currently available for stud service to approved programs 
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Pine Lodge's
Bluebird Day
at Juniper Ridge

BLUE:  ALAA-105587                                               WALA-00063976

Sire: Rivermist Hayes 

Dam: Pine Lodge Luna Lovegood

DOB: 12/27/2020

15 inches/ 18 lbs/ Mini/ BbEe/ata/KbKy/SS/black tuxedo /Non-shedding, Silky, Wavy Fleece

Health Clearances: OFA /Penn Hip Prelim Good, CAER normal, Cardiac normal, Full PPG Genetic Disease Panel clear; IC, EIC, prcd-PRA,  vWD clear

Bluebird Day
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Pine Lodge's Bluebird Day at Juniper Ridge
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We just had to name this handsome happy boy Bluebird Day! He is a like a ray of sunshine and so beautiful!  We are excited to add this mini sized boy to our program and very thankful to our friends at Pine Lodge for sharing him with us!

"Blue" can produce puppies in any color, carries for parti and phantom and is a fun addition to our crew! He lives close to us with his proud guardian family in Central Oregon! 

Available for stud service to approved programs January 2023

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Our Up & Coming Studs 

These handsome males are awaiting testing! We are looking forward to sharing their beautiful puppies with our Juniper Ridge puppy families someday soon!

Courage, Dear Heart
for Juniper Ridge


Sire: Spring Creek's Keeper of My Heart "Aslan" 

Dam: Spring Creek's Fire Dancer

DOB: 11/30/2021

17 inches/Small Medium/30 lbs/Iced Caramel /Bbee/atat/kbky/Ssp, non-shedding wavy fleece Health Clearances: OFA hip/elbow & eyes pending. PPG Genetic Disease Panel; PRCD carrier; IC, EIC,  vWD clear.

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Courage, Dear Heart PPG Pedigree
Courage, Dear Heart
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This boy has it all!  Laid back, happy go lucky attitude, full of fun and comical antics, with a gorgeous, long, white tipped, saber tail, silky, sun bleached hair and the absolutely most devoted, sweet temperament! We wish we could duplicate this guy times infinity to share with the whole wide world! We are so thankful to our friends at Spring Creek Labradoodles for sharing this amazing boy with us!


Our fun loving & big hearted boy Campfire Story has taken on the role of "Uncle Camper" to our mommas and puppies here at Juniper Ridge. This sweet souled boy is ever encouraging of our mommas and always available to wrestle, ever so gently, with the preschool pups. 

Campfire Story
"Uncle Camper"
Campfire Story

Oh Campfire Story! What would we do without your fun loving & goofy personality that constantly makes us laugh?  You provide the chill when needed, fun and snuggles always, and bring so much joy to every day! The best hiking, camping, kayaking, back country skiing, snow shoeing and exploring companion one could hope for, and the very best puppy sitter ever! Thank you for your love & devotion, we cannot imagine life without you, we adore you!


These amazing dogs have produced beautiful, happy & healthy puppies and contributed greatly to the growing foundation of the Australian Labradoodle. We are forever grateful to their wonderful, loving Guardian Families who have cared for them and supported their "job"! 

Ponderosa Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle
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Juniper Ridge's
Ponderosa Chocolate Parti Australian Labradoodle
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Sire: Labradoodles by Design Swagger

Dam: Starlight Ridge's Juniper for Juniper Ridge

18 inches/ 42 lbs/ Medium/ Chocolate & White Parti/ bbEe/atat/KbKy /Non-shedding Silky/Wavy Fleece 

Health Clearances: OFA Prelim Hips Good, Elbows, Patella, CAER Normal, Full PPG Genetic Disease Panel Clear, IC, EIC, prcd-PRA CBP, vWD clear

Ponderosa is a floppy, happy boy with the most beautiful eyes and a heart full of unconditional love. His coat is super lush and so incredibly soft! He feels like a silky plush teddy bear, and loves nothing better than a nice belly rub. Ponderosa has never met a stranger, and has that presence that brings happiness and joy to everyone around him.

Ponderosa has been a huge part of Juniper Ridge and his daughters are carrying on the family line; raising beautiful, happy & healthy little Ponderosa's to bring joy to our Juniper Ridge puppy families!

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