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In our experience flying with a puppy is pretty easy as long as you are prepared. Your Juniper Ridge Puppy's Going Home pack includes 2 pop open dishes for food and water, travel potty pads and waste pick up bags, a days food supply, a comforting favorite toy and a light weight harness and leash.

We will meet you at the Redmond (RDM) airport with your puppy for no additional charge. We do not deliver to Portland Airport (PDX). We also offer delivery to major airports with our flight nannies for additional fees. 


1.  Airline approved medium or large size, soft sided puppy carrier.  You can order one and bring it with you, (see our Puppy Prep supply list/links


We keep these carriers in stock and have found it is easiest to have your carrier ready to go here. Let us know when making your pick up arrangements if you would like for us to prepare this for you. We use the  Deluxe Sherpa Carrier (guaranteed airline approved) medium size is $60 and large is $75. The size needed will be determined by the size of your puppy :)


When you book your return flight also call your airline to add on your puppy.  All airlines require advance booking for in-cabin pets and most charge an additional fee. Airline rules for in-cabin pet travel are constantly changing. At this time, to our knowledge, Delta and Alaska allow in-cabin puppies ( in carriers) but United does not.


Some puppies fall asleep in their carrier right away.  Others may voice their opinion about being stuck in there away from you. If your puppy is quiet let him be, but if he is upset while waiting for your flight to arrive or pre-boarding take him out and hold him.  Place him back inside the carrier before boarding. Once you are onboard the airplane the puppy carrier will fit under the seat in front of you and the noise/movement puts puppy right to sleep. 


We recommend preparing yourself with a response to "can I pet your puppy?"  which goes something like this; "thank you for asking, but he is too young to be fully vaccinated and I need to protect him for now" and you may add :"However he IS super cute isn't he, so here is Juniper Ridge's information so you can get your own puppy;) " or "thank you for asking but he is in training".  You DO, of course, want to continue to socialize your puppy asap; but with people you know, who have not been around other animals, and who have just thoroughly washed their hands. 


Do not place your puppy on the airport floor, benches or seats without setting down a pee pad protector.   Do not take your puppy  to airport dog play or potty designated areas.  If your travel includes a layover, or after arriving at your final airport find a secluded area behind an unmanned counter, etc; where you can spread out one of your puppy pee pads. Keep you puppy corralled on his pad and encourage him to eliminate by saying"go potty, go potty" in a happy relaxed voice. He may take a few minutes, but if he has to go, he will! Remember to praise him when he does. Offer him a small drink of fresh water in his pop up bowl, wrap up the pee pad, and enclose in one of the supplied pick up bags if necessary and dispose of. 


Whether traveling home from the airport or making a road trip out of your Puppy Pick Up journey, traveling with puppy in the car is easier with a friend. For long journeys your puppy would love some snuggle time in a lap which we cannot recommend for the driver :) 

And, Yes! Puppies CAN get car sick! We try our best to help puppies prepare  by providing play time on skateboards and puppy swing discs. Our puppies also ride in a puppy stroller here and take a car ride to our vet for their wellness exams! Even so, occasionally we will hear of a puppy losing their lunch on the first car ride home. So be prepared,  just in case, and bring some paper towels in a zip lock bag. :) 

For trips that require hotel stays we do recommend bringing a crate with a soft pad/blanket along.  That way your puppy has a safe and secure place to nap/sleep - a space that remains constant along the way. We recommend the Amazon premium soft sided crate which folds down for storage.  Medium puppies can use the 30" for 6 months or so and eventually will need a 36" crate. This is a great crate to have for traveling in the car and for use at home.

Puppy petting and pottying rules remain the same along the road as in an airport. Stay away from any area that is designated for dogs ( all rest stops, dog parks, grass areas outside of restaurants, etc) Get creative in looking for areas for your puppy to go, and use a pee pad.

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