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Corona Virus/Social Distancing & Puppy Socialization

The current and unprecedented  situation with the corona virus outbreak is effecting everyone. Our hearts go out to the families and individuals who are fighting for their health, and we are praying for wellness for all.

While it is true that puppies bring joy and happiness during this time, and that while everyone is at home it IS a great time to begin raising a puppy;  social distancing creates a challenge! Puppies who are just discovering their world  need lots of socialization!

We have links to resources below to help new puppy families navigate and excel through this time spent with their puppies. Please read through these  articles for excellent professional information, advice and tips!

We have also partnered with BAXTER & Bella for excellent online puppy training classes! See our Training page for more information and use our code JUNIPERRIDGE to save 25% off of their already super reasonable membership. BAXTER & Bella also have excellent ideas for puppy socialization available during this time. Their program has printable check lists, follow along videos and fun training ideas the whole family can enjoy!


We hope you find this information helpful. Stay well and enjoy your puppy snuggles!

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