"  Annnd they're  off! "


 We invest our hearts and our time to give your puppy the very best start possible here at Juniper Ridge. We are delighted to share a wonderful new resource we have found to  help you continue forward our efforts and excel in your puppy  journey! 


BAXTER & Bella is a professional online puppy school with well laid out and simple to follow plans. It is a family owned business run by a highly qualified and caring couple, Amy and Scott Jensen. We love their Puppy Prep curriculum, check lists, videos and live programs and they even offer individual help through their Lifetime Membership that costs less than one typical local puppy class!  

 BAXTER & Bella Lifetime Members have unlimited access to use all of their other supporting resources around the Puppy Prep curriculum as well. They have live! One-on-One help, live online coaching classes, ability to ask the trainer questions, and online forums with other puppy parents! They also offer training games and ideas for field trips and fun, engaging activities to do with your puppy. Everything is included and it is always unlimited, allowing members to access them as often as needed! The online membership gives users unlimited use of everything they currently offer, as well as all future updates and new training materials.  We have been very impressed with their curriculum and availability!

We are personally investing in  BAXTER & Bella's training materials and expert advice for our Guardian Home puppies and all puppies continuing in training here at Juniper Ridge! 


 Through our partnership  we are able to offer our puppy families 25% off of a membership. Currently this membership is $238 and our discount code brings the price down to $178 ! Check out their information, explore their website and enter code JUNIPERRIDGE at check out. Click on the logo to visit their information page and website. If you need  help or have any questions please let us know!

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