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We believe all puppies should live life with their own forever families. After all, that's what we are raising these puppies for!

Juniper's Grove in a basket

Guardian families are a huge part of our program here at Juniper Ridge and we could not do what we do without them.  Our breeding dogs live as companions, working service or therapy dogs in loving homes with carefully selected guardians as their forever families. These families provide love and care to their furry family member, enjoy a beautiful Australian Labradoodle's love in return, and play an important role in the developement of this breed. 

In our Guardian Program, our potential future momma and papa puppies live and do life with their guardian (forever) families. After passing their pre-breeding health testing they enter their  breeding career. Females come back to us about a week before their puppy due date and stay approximately 7 weeks, until their puppies are weaned.   Males need to be available for occasional dates! We cover all expenses related to health testing and breeding and also cover the spay/neuter at the end of the breeding careers.  

In our experience this is a wonderful opportunity for our local families to have a "pick of the litter" puppy for a family pet without the expense.  We have found this to be a positive relationship for all; our guardian families enjoy the excitement of being a part of our breeding program, seeing the puppies of their very own guardian dog bring happiness to other families, and enjoy their own beautiful Australian Labradoodle. We place our guardian puppies with their family for a fee of $1500, much less than the cost of a pet/companion puppy; however there are some requirements and responsibilities.  

If you are interested in enjoying the puppy process and acquiring a beautiful breeding quality Australian Labradoodle for your family please see if you meet the following requirements and submit a GUARDIAN APPLICATION.   Always feel free to CONTACT US with questions!


  • Live approximately within a 3 hour drive of Juniper Ridge (Sisters, OR) for female dogs.

  • Live in Central Oregon (Sisters, Bend, Redmond) for male dogs.

  • Provide a loving and safe environment that includes a fenced play area.

  • We prefer that the puppy is not home alone for extended periods of time during the day. Ideally either work from home, have the ability to take the dog to work with you, or otherwise have someone at home with the puppy (puppy needs to do life with people!)

  • Agree to feed a high quality dog food approved by Juniper Ridge

  • Provide at least basic obedience training, within a group class or individual trainer. Puppy needs to be leash, potty trained, crate trained and well socialized. Juniper Ridge provides an incentive to all guardians who complete and pass the Canine Good Citizen 

  • Be responsible for the  puppy's basic health care and follow our guidelines for the vaccine schedule, type of vaccines, and the use or avoidance of certain medications, etc

  • Carry basic Pet Medical Insurance, i.e: Healthy Paws, Trupanion.

  • Maintain the proper Australian Labradoodle grooming, using our required groomers while the dog is a part of our breeding program.

  • Provide exercise and lots of love and attention!

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