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Thank you for checking in with us!

These are our upcoming litters and current status for our Spring, Summer  and Fall 2023 planned litters.  We are accepting applications for reservations for puppies going home April through November 2023 at this time. To see additional photos and read bios on our parent dogs click on their photos to be directed to their pages!

To apply for a puppy please complete and submit a Puppy Application. You do not need to specify a litter unless you wish to. We will contact you to talk about the litter options, answer your questions, and help guide you into a litter that best fits your lifestyle & what you are hoping for.

Please visit our Adoption Process/Puppy price/Payments page for details on the reservation and adoption process. 

Heading 5

Spring & early Summer 2023 

The following litters are planned for puppies going home April through July 2023 

Bailey & Bluebird Day
Starlight Ridge's Bailey at Juniper Ridge


Puppies Born!
February 8, 2023

  Going Home Day:
April 52023

 Expected Size:
16",  20-23lbs

Blacks & Reds
Pine Lodge Bluebird Day at Juniper Ridge


What a grande finale' Bailey's final litter is! Gorgeous puppies with happy hearts and lots of love to share!  Keep up with the bunnies as Bailey's Little Ski Bums shred the gnar, jib the powpow and enjoy the freshies, bombing down the trail on a beautiful bluebird day in Central Oregon!  


PrimrosProper & Braeburn
Juniper Ridge's Primrose & Proper


Puppies Born!
February 27, 2023

  Puppies Going Home Day:
April 24 , 2023

 Expected Size:
18",  30-40lbs

Blacks & reds 
Juniper Ridge's Braeburn


Prim and Braeburn's first litter together and they are nothing short of show stopping! Such fun loving, intelligent & affectionate puppies full of unconditional love! Follow along as Primrose's NoteworthyTrio sing their way into our hearts!


Pacific Sunset & Breaking News
Juniper Ridge's Pacific Sunset


Puppies Born!
March 2, 2023

Puppies Going Home Day:
April 27, 2023

 Expected Size:
16-17",  24-29lbs

Reds and caramels
Rogue Valley Labradoodles Breaking News

Pacific Sunset "Mesa" and Breaking News "Walter" have done it again! Mesa has blessed us with outstandingly precious, incredibly beautiful, soft coated puppies in red and caramel! Little bundles of love and affection! Watch her Springtime Blossoms grow!



Willow Mae & Mr. Barkley
Juniper Ridge's Willow Mae


Puppies Due! 
May 10, 2023

 Approximate Puppies Going Home:
July 5, 2023 

 Expected Size:
20-21.5",  35-40 lbs

Reds and apricots 
Faithful's Mr. Barkley at Bedrock

Beautiful Willow Mae and handsome Mr. Barkley will have gorgeous standard sized puppies together! We are so excited about this litter! These two gentle, intelligent, soft coated parents are amazing and their puppies will be spectacular! Thank you to our friends at Bedrock Labradoodles for sharing Gentleman Barkley with us!  


Starlit Romance & Moses
Juniper Ridge's Starlit Romance


Puppies Due!
May 28, 2023

Approximate  Going Home Day:
July 23, 2023 

 Expected Size:
21-22",  40-45 lbs

Reds and Caramels 
Bedrock's Moses

We have paired our dreamy beauty, Starlit Romance, with Bedrock's Moses for a match made in Heaven! We expect nothing short of  tender hearted, athletic, confident, gorgeous, shiny coated, fun loving and capable standard sized puppies that will have passerby's asking, where did you find that beautiful dog?   ( Just ask current owners of "Romi" puppies :) Huge hugs to our friends at Bedrock Labradoodles for sharing their amazing Moses with us! Click here to see Starlit Romance's previous litter with Juniper Ridge's  Ponderosa (now retired)


Spice of Life "Ginger"& Braeburn
Juniper Ridge's Spice of Life "Ginger".jpg


Expected Breeding:   late March  2023

Puppies Expected: 
late May 2023

 Expected Puppies Going Home:
late July 2023 

 Expected Size:
large medium, small standard
18-21",  35-40 lbs

Gorgeous Reds!
Juniper Ridge's Braeburn


Last chance for a gorgeous Ginger puppy! Our beautiful Lady Ginger is retiring! She has produced the most outstanding floppy red "muppets"; Instagram phenoms and truly beautiful puppies with wonderful temperaments. We adore her and this combination with our handsome Braeburn! It does not get more perfect than this. Click here to view their previous litter together;  Ginger's Sweet Pupcakes!


and coming soon...

The following are our next planned litters (not bred yet) in order of their expected arrival!

As they approach we will add them with their photos and full information above.  We will accept deposit for reservation on these litters prior to posting in effort to help our future Juniper Ridge Families who are planning ahead!

Magnolia Chai  & Courage- puppies expected mid July 2023, Going Home mid September 2023. Size: small medium 18", 29-35 lbs. Coat colors: caramels, chocolates & phantoms and caramels with white markings

Minnie Adelaide & Bluebird Day - puppies expected mid August 2023, Going Home mid October 2023  Size: mini 14-16", 15-20 lbs Coat colors: chocolates, reds and caramels with white markings, tuxedo and parti

Primrose & Proper  & Courage- puppies expected early September 2023, Going Home early November 2023   Size: small medium 18", 29-35 lbs. Coat colors: caramels, chocolates & phantoms with white markings

Urban Bourbon  & Courage- puppies expected September 2023, Going Home November 2023 Size: medium,  30-40lbs Coat colors: chocolates, reds and caramels with white markings, tuxedo and parti

Joyful Song & Bluebird Day puppies expected late September 2023, Going Home late November 2023. Size: mini 14-16", 15-20 lbs. Coat colors: chocolates, reds and caramels with white markings, tuxedo and parti

All above dates are projected estimates only until breeding has been confirmed. Female heat cycles can  be unpredictable! Juniper Ridge Australian Labradoodles reserves the right to make changes to planned breeding pairs and to retain Breeder's Pick puppies for our program. Our top priority is always in the best interest of this wonderful breed; to produce beautiful, healthy, happy  puppies that we can continue to share with our Juniper Ridge families!   

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