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Photos of some past litters. (These puppies have all gone home to their loving families!)

Belles & Beaux

Born to Bailey and Playin' For Keeps  October 13, 2019
Florence May, Louie, Madeline Rose, Frankie, Minnie Adelaide & Ernie
Florence May 7 weeks mini australian labradoodle
Louie 7 weeks old mini Australian Labradoodle
Madeline Rose 7 weeks old mini Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Frankie 7 weeks old mini Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Minnie Adelaide 7 weeks old mini Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Ernie 7 weeks old mini Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Born to Apple Of My Eye  &  Ponderosa  September 15, 2019


Hood River Harvest Pups

Streusel, Tart,  Cobbler,  Dumplin',  Fritter, Puddin',  Cider   &  Pie
 chocolate Australian Labradoodle
 Red Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle
Fritter 5 weeks old Caramel Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Cider 5 week old Red Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
 Chocolate Australian Labradoodle
 Dumplin' 5 week old Caramel Australian Labradoodle
Puddin' 5 weeks old Gold Tuxedo Australian Labradoodle.jpeg
Pie, 5 weeks old black Australian Labradoodle

Honey's Bees

Born to Bit O'Honey and Woody McWoodleson June 27, 2019
Buzz,  Glory,  Clover,  Bumble, Tupelo,  Blossom  &  Busy
photos at 7 weeks old
Glory 7 weeks..jpg
Bumble 7 weeks..jpeg
Tupelo 7 weeks.jpeg
Buzz 7 weeks .jpg
Clover 7 weeks..jpeg
Blossom 7 weeks.jpeg
Busy 7 weeks.jpg

Juniper's High Desert Gems

Born to Juniper & Swagger April 30, 2019
Opal, Cinnabar, Topaz, Jasper, Obsidian, Agate and Sunstone
Jasper 6 weeks.jpg
Opal 6 weeks.jpg
Topaz 6 weeks.jpg
Agate 6 weeks.jpg
Sunstone (sunny) 6 weeks.jpg
Obsidian ( Obi) 6 weeks.jpg
Cinnabar 6 weeks.jpg
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