Born to Juniper & MacDoodle January 6, 2020

Juni's Scoops!

Cherry Garcia, Chunky Monkey, Urban Bourbon, Phish Food, Boston Cream Pie, Milk & Cookies,

and Wavy Gravy

Cherry Garcia 5 weeks old.jpeg
5 weeks old
Chunky Monkey 5 weeks old.jpeg
Urban Bourbon 5 weeks old.jpeg
Phish Food 5 weeks old.jpeg
Boston Cream Pie 5 weeks old.jpeg
Milk & Cookies 5 weeks old.jpeg
Wavy Gravy 5 weeks old.jpeg
4 weeks old
Cherry Garcia 4 weeks old.jpg
Chunky Monkey 4 weeks old.jpg
Phish Food 4 weeks old.jpeg
Urban Bourbon 4 weeks old.jpg
Boston Cream Pie 4 weeks old.jpeg
Milk & Cookies 4 weeks old.jpg
3 weeks old
Chunky Monkey 3 weeks old
Phish Food 3 weeks old
Milk & Cookies 3 weeks old
Wavy Gravy 4 weeks old.jpg
Cherry Garcia 3 weeks old
Urban Bourbon 3 wees old
Boston Cream Pie 3 weeks old
Wavy Gravy 3 weeks old
2 weeks old
Cherry Garcia 2 weeks.jpg
Chunky Monkey 2 weeks.jpeg
Phish Food 2 weeks.jpg
Milk & Cookies 2 weeks.jpeg
Urban Bourbon 2 weeks.jpeg
Boston Cream Pie 2 weeks.jpeg
Wavy Gravy 2 weeks.jpeg
Wavy Gravy, Milk & Cookies, Boston Cream
Chunky Monkey, Cherry Garcia & Urban Bou
3 days old :)
Urban Bourbon, Wavy Gravy and Boston Cre

Congratulations to our Juniper Ridge puppy families!

Chunky Monkey and Phish Food 3 days old.
One week old
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