Born to Bailey &  Red Hot Royce   June 29, 2020

Bailey's Red Hots

Tapatio, Texas Pete, Sriracha, Cholula, Louisiana & Tabasco

seven weeks old

Tapatio (male) 7 weeks old
Texas Pete (male) 7 weeks old
Sriracha (female) 7 weeks old
Cholula (female) 7 weeks old
Louisiana (female) 7 weeks old
Tabasco (female) 7 weeks old

six weeks old

Tapatio 6 (male) weeks old.jpeg
Sriracha (female) 6 weeks old
Louisiana (female) 6 weeks old
Texas Pete (male) 6 weeks old.jpeg
Cholula (female) 6 weeks old
Tabasco (female) 6 weeks old.jpg

five weeks old

four weeks old

Louisiana (female) 4 weeks old

three weeks old

Tapatio (male) 3 weeks old
Texas Pete (male) 3 weeks old
Sriracha (female) 3 weeks old
Cholula (female) 3 weeks old
Louisiana (female) 3 weeks old
Tabasco (female) 3 weeks old

two weeks old

Tabasco (female) & Tapatio (male) 2 wks
Cholula (female) & Sriracha (female) 2 w
Louisiana (female) & Texas Pete (male) 2

one week old

Cholula (female) & Texas Pete (male) one
Tabasco (female) & Sriracha (female) one
Louisiana (female) & Tapatio (male) one
Congratulations Juniper Ridge Puppy Families!
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